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What types of Coverage do you need.......

As a professional you know you need to be protected if you are sued for any reason.  But what type of coverage should you have for your specific profession?  Below is a brief outline of coverage available for professionals.  If you are still not sure then let us help you identify possible risks and advise you the best coverage for you and your firm.

Lawyers Professional Liability

For most attorneys and law firms, LPL is their most important insurance exposure.​  LPL policies will help you and your firm pay defense costs and judgements that arise from claims of professional negligence, errors or omissions from a disgruntled client you have performed services for or represented.

Employment Practices Liability

​Businesses with employees need EPLI to cover claims brought against them by disgruntled employees  or others for harrassment, discrimination or wrongful termination. 

It is specifically designed to help protect the EMPLOYER and his or her business.

Professional Liability

Under this product for professionals such as architects, engineers, accountants, dentists, technology service providers, etc  will pay for legal defence and judgements from claims alledging a negligent act, error or omission in the performance of their professional service by a client

Directors & Officers Liability

This product protects the directors and officers of a company or organization  -even a non-profit - in the event of a suit for an actual or alleged wrongful acts in connection with management.  EPLI can also be incuded to help protect the company/organization in the event an employee brings a suit or action related to their employers employment practices.

Cyber Liability

In today's technology driven world the risks associated with doing business online and storing sensitive client data electronically have never been greater.

Cyber risk is steadily increasing and data breaches now affect millions of records per month.  It does not have to be a hacker. Losing a company cell phone with hard rive access or a laptop with sensitive customer data such as social security numbers and credit card details​ opens you up to cyber exposure.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to protect this data and can be held liable if it is compromised.  Cyber security threats can result in significant out-of-pocket expense for your company.  All states now require a company to notify ALL of the entries in their data base in database.  This could cost an estimated $30 or more PER DATA ENTRY and would be a substantial loss to your business in terms of revenue, trust and confidence.


Download an application, complete then email or fax to our office for a quote.

Lawyers Professional Liability Application
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